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A must-witness Sri Lanka Train Journey – Kandy to Ella

A must-witness Sri Lanka Train Journey – Kandy to Ella

A must-witness Sri Lanka Train Journey – Kandy to Ella

The Kandy to Ella Train ride is certainly, one of the most mesmerizing Sri Lanka train journeys. No doubt, the journey will be amazing even on gloomy, wet days! This blog covers all the crucial details from how to plan the journey to what you can expect during the ride. 

This ride will certainly take you through amazing sights that include deep jungles, mountains, valleys, tunnels, and gorgeous green tea farms. This will be an ideal Sri lanka train journey to taste the beauty. 

Sri Lankan Train Journey from Kandy to Ella 

Grabbing a ticket that is approximately $1.50 will be the wisest choice you can make! Consider getting on board for a 7-hour train ride! As the drive continues, you go higher and higher into the verdant highlands that are home to the large tea fields as well as numerous picturesque waterfalls and mountain communities.

Travelers across the globe usually love to witness this classic Sri Lanka train journey that has a famous blue train with several carriages in length. It is famous for its open doors and windows, that allow individuals to take in the environment. 

What to Expect? 

This trip starts in Kandy, which is regarded as Sri Lanka’s cultural hub. Think about how out of place this bright train would look among shades of grey concrete, glass, and steel in your area. But this is where things just work. It’s really quite beautiful. The train is a screaming, turquoise-blue, Chinese-built diesel locomotive that is visible from the time it arrives.

With a sharp jolt, the train leaves Kandy and winds its way through the jungle, heading towards the hill area. During this Sri Lanka train journey, you can spend the first few hours conversing with locals. 

In these carriages, one gets a genuine sensation of adventure and freedom. As mentioned in a previous blog, the encounter with the Sri Lankans is the best part of a Sri Lankan train journey.Locals will be singing and dancing in carriages, dangling their feet out of open doors, and their hair will be teased by the wind that whips through windows and doors. Vendors dash across carriages, balancing precariously on flasks of sweet chai and steaming water.

In addition, the train trip will pass by hazy mountains, never-ending tea plantations, charming stations, vibrant tuk-tuks, and busy towns – all of which offer an insight into the daily lives of countless numbers of people. It’s too much.

How to Plan Your Sri Lanka Train Journey from Kandy to Ella? 

One portion of the longer Colombo to Kandy to Badulla “Main Line,” which winds through Sri Lanka’s breathtaking hill terrain and tea plantation heartland, is the train journey from Kandy to Ella.

In addition to being incredibly picturesque, this rail line also happens to be home to many of the major tourist attractions, which makes it even more well-liked by visitors eager to see the greatest views. Assuming there are no delays or mechanical issues along the way, this Sri Lanka train journey will take about seven hours!