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2024 Guide to a Tour to Sri Lanka – Covering Kandy! 

2024 Guide to a Tour to Sri Lanka – Covering Kandy!

2024 Guide to a Tour to Sri Lanka – Covering Kandy!

Well, are you trying to find the best resource for a tour to Sri Lanka? In our previous blog, we covered the must-see stops on your Sri Lankan trip. 

This blog will serve as the best Kandy travel guide for 2024. This will help you with anything from the greatest things to do in the cultural center of Sri Lanka to lodging recommendations, travel advice, and itinerary planning. 

Undoubtedly, many travelers love stepping into the city of Kandy. This is a spiritual and beautiful region with tea plantations, cloudy hills, and the iconic blue train carriages. Yes, all these can be found right at the island’s hilly, emerald-swathed heart!

When considering a tour to Sri Lanka, it’s crucial to have a visit to Kandy which is the second city of Sri Lanka. This is the unquestionable center of culture and history on the island, also known as the City of Kings. Explore all that the hill region has to offer, including the world’s greatest train ride.

Beyond being the most popular tourist destination in Sri Lanka, Kandy is a city of pleasant chaos. With its busy streets, historic temples, and colonial architecture, Kandy is magnificient! Certainly, the aristocratic gardens, and the Kandy Lake serves as the backdrop for an ideal tour in the country’s verdant hills.

Where to Stay in Kandy during a Tour to Sri Lanka? 

A strong advice would be to stay a few days in Kandy to fully see all that the city has to offer – there are just so many amazing things to see and do.

Since Kandy is a metropolis, there are many accommodation alternatives available for any budget. During a tour to Sri Lanka, here are few hotels around Kandy that can be considered! HELGA’S FOLLY, OZO KANDY, and KANDY CITY VIEW. 

What are the best things to do during a Tour to Sri Lanka? 

Dive into a few of the best things that can be done in Kandy…

Visit the temple of Tooth Relic 

Never before has a decaying tooth meant so much to so many people, but for that very reason, Kandy’s top tourist destination is the magnificent Temple of the Sacred Tooth and Royal Complex (Sri Dalada Maligawa).

The most significant Buddhist relic in Sri Lanka is kept in this elaborate temple with a golden roof: a tooth that Buddha brought to the island in the fourth century. 

Royal Botanical Gardens 

The Royal Botanic Gardens of Peradeniya is surely one of the nicest you can visit during your tour of Sri Lanka!

These days, the grounds, which are now inhabited by over 10,000 trees spread across 60 hectares – are open to even us meek commoners. The gardens also have representative species from throughout the tropical world, in addition to Sri Lanka’s unique flora. 

Kandy Cultural Dance Show 

Above all, witnessing a cultural dance show is a must during a tour to Sri Lanka! Well, most individuals when traveling avoid “cultural shows.” They frequently get the impression that the commercialization of a culture is an ineffective attempt to attract tourists.

From beginning to end, a cultural show – is typically full of amazing dances, acrobatics, costumes, and fire walking – incredibly stimulating, and would be difficult to take your eyes off it.

A Train Ride – Something Exciting! 

They say that it’s the journey, not the destination, and, let’s face it, they might be correct about Sri Lanka.

It’s not that the locations in Teardrop Island aren’t amazing – they really are! No doubt, Sri Lanka train journeys can be amazing! As mentioned in a previous blog, Sri Lanka can be explored through the windows of a train! The train ride from Kandy to Ella along the rickety tracks is maybe the most breathtakingly beautiful in the world. 

Certainly, it’s the atmosphere that elevates this Sri Lanka train journey above the breathtaking scenery. Expect to be greeted with some of the kindest smiles you’ll ever see; locals in groups singing, dancing, or playing drums (or all three!); vendors scurrying by holding flasks full of delicious chai; and every window and doorway packed with the heads of both tourists and locals, all of them gawking and marveling at the scenery.